If you are renovating your home, a storm door would be an excellent addition. These doors are different from screen doors, and while they offer similar framing and screen options, they also contain protective glass panels and locking capabilities for additional security. This extra level of protection is very beneficial, especially with the harsh winters we Canadians tend to experience. Not only will a storm door keep out elements related to climate changes, it will also help prevent break-ins while improving energy-efficiency and will increase the value of your property.

A storm door is essentially a second door that is placed in front of the main entrance door leading into the home. It serves a variety of purposes and the following are just some of the benefits a storm door will provide:


These doors serve as shields for your front entrance and will act as a barrier between your front door and harsh weather elements like rain, snow, ice, wind and heat.

Air Circulation

You will notice an improvement in this regard because retractable screen panels on storm doors will provide you with better air circulation.

Fewer Bugs

Screen panels will also keep bugs out of your home and will protect your house from unwanted pests.

Longer Lifespan Of Your Interior Doors

Different weather conditions and the hot rays from the sun can damage the materials of your front door and cause them to warp or fade. The protective glass panel on a storm door will deflect these rays while diffusing the intensity of the heat, which will prevent damage to anything behind it. As a result, this protective door will extend the lifespan of your entrance door.

Protection From Theft

A storm door will serve as a bonus security feature for your home because they come with strengthened screens, advanced vault locks, reinforced fibreglass and bolt-and-padlock security features. This will depend on the style you choose but you will have options and this additional barrier will prevent theft and burglary, and will provide you with peace of mind.

More Insulation

Entry doors often cause air leakage problems and as the door gets older, it will allow air to pass through it. A storm door will insulate your home because it will create a barrier that will trap air from entering or leaving and you will no longer have to deal with air leaks.

Better Energy-Efficiency

A storm door will ensure your home is properly sealed and your cooling and heating systems will not have to work hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Storm doors can actually reduce energy loss by up to 50%, which will result in a lot of savings!

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