Whether you’re completely renovating your home’s exterior or focusing exclusively on the entryway, refreshing the front door colour can make a world of difference. Prospective home buyers, neighbours, and guests base their first impressions of the home right at the door before they even enter inside. That is why your front door colour scheme should not be an afterthought, but a priority. Serving as the welcoming beacon for visitors, refreshing it will enhance your home’s overall curb appeal.

In this article, Best Windows and Doors gives you the dos and don’ts for choosing the right paint colour for your front door.

1. Do: Stay Classic

Classic, neutral hues, including tan, brown, black or grays are timeless and can perfectly boost any curb appeal. Some homeowners even opt for a deep red or navy blue as a slight twist on the classic, traditional look while still maintaining elegance. Even if your style alters over time, neutral hues adapt to that and always remain current. Another alternative is to stain the door instead of painting. Wood staining will really enhance the door’s natural grain material and patterns.

2. Don’t: Avoid Colour

Some homeowners have inhibitions about incorporating bright colours into their home’s exterior due to fear of it being portrayed as tacky or tasteless. However, bright colours can add a much-needed pop of colour to a home’s exterior and the entryway can even become the talking point for visitors and prospective homebuyers. A door is a much smaller commitment than painting the entire home a bright colour. If you have a favourite hue or one that you’ve been dying to experiment with, the entryway is a perfect place for it. Whether it’s a splash of orange, yellow, green or blue, it will make a bold, beautiful statement. If the bright colours are too overwhelming for you, opt for a darker version of the bright colours, such as eggplant, forest green or burgundy.

3. Do: Purchase Appropriate Paint

As doors are exposed to the climate and harsh outdoor elements, it’s crucial to use the right paint to prevent any peeling or fading from the paint later on. Latex exterior paints can provide weather-resistant coverage. Whereas, if you have a metal door, you should invest in paint with built-in rust protection. Regardless of what paint you choose, you should apply an exterior primer prior to applying the paint. There are several exterior door paints available in different finishes, including matte, semi-gloss or glossy. High-gloss finishes can emphasize architectural details but may also expose blemishes on the door’s surface. Whereas, semi-gloss paint may hide flaws while still providing that desired glossy shine.

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