The process of replacing windows and doors can be challenging for homeowners. You seem to solve one problem only to find that another pops up seconds later. Most of the common problems people encounter with windows and doors in Winnipeg are fairly easy to fix as long as you hire a professional. However, first, let’s dig deeper into these problems before determining the potential solution to make things easier. 

Drafty Windows or Doors

Draughty windows and doors are one of the most common problems in a home, and they are also among the most expensive ones. You will have to work harder to maintain your home’s temperature if you allow conditioned air to escape. This also results in higher energy bills. It is possible for windows and doors to become drafty for a variety of reasons. Wear and tear on weatherstripping is one of the most common causes. You can keep drafts out of your house by using high-quality, fully functional weatherstripping. Your home will feel much more comfortable after replacing the weatherstripping. This is a relatively easy project.

Broken or Foggy Glass

Foggy and broken windows are serious problems that only get worse if they’re not repaired. It is possible for condensation to form on windows that are not properly sealed. In addition to blocking your view, this condensation also creates an ideal environment for mold to grow, which then spreads to the frame and causes further damage. If possible, you should replace the glass or the window in order to prevent further damage.

Defective Windows

It may be as simple as replacing or adjusting the existing hardware if you’re having trouble opening or closing your windows. Different types of windows have different functions because of the extended variety. A hung window, the most common type that opens and closes vertically, should have its sash support system inspected first. Many sash support systems are hidden by a cover and are found on the sides of the window. To determine if this support system is causing your window to fall or stick, inspect it properly. Casements and awnings that open by crank may need to have their operators replaced.

Sticking Doors

Most homeowners experience a sticking door at some point, and it can be extremely frustrating. Doors are, after all, designed to open and close. When the hinges get dirty, a door is more likely to stick. A majority of door problems are caused by hinges, so it makes sense to start by cleaning them.

Despite cleaning and lubricating the hinges, your door may still stick if the jamb is damaged. You may be able to draw out the jamb if this is the case by screwing a long screw into the latch side and the frame of the door. This can free up some space to allow your door to operate smoothly.

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