Anyone considering doing window installation on their own should reconsider because while it may seem like a simple DIY job, the reality is that it’s not because the process is very complex. Knowledge, skill and experience are required, and unless you are an expert in this field, this is one project you should not attempt on your own.

There are a lot of steps involved in the window installation process. While some of these may seem simple enough, they are a lot more complicated than they seem, so it’s always better to contact a professional window installation team as they will be able to complete this project safely and correctly. It’s important to understand that window replacement is a very big investment, so errors cannot be. The process must be completed accurately so that no steps are forgotten. Working with a professional company will ensure your investment is protected, and you will have peace of mind knowing your new windows are going to last a very long time.

There are a number of reasons why you should avoid DIY window installation, including the precise measurements that are involved. Anyone can take a tape measure to measure different areas around their house but measuring for new windows is far more complicated than most homeowners realize. If this step is done incorrectly, you will have gaps and leaks around your windows. Incorrect measurements can also cause you to select windows that are too small or too large and may not fit into the existing frames. The process of removing your old frames is also complicated because you will have to cut through caulk and loosen connectors, and if you do not have the proper training, you can shatter the existing pane. You can also bend or chip the wood framing and cause a ton of damage.

Removing nails from existing panes is also harder than it seems, and this process can be very messy because connectors are often covered with caulk and paint. The prepping process of an empty frame will require sanding, caulking holes and levelling, and most homeowners do not have the skills necessary for this job, so they can make matters worse, and your windows may not fit as a result. Levelling your windows is another very important step, as is the application of caulk for your new windows will prevent leaks and close any gaps, so cold air, heat and humidity will not enter your home.

The windows themselves are also very heavy, and without the proper equipment, you will have trouble positioning your windows properly into place and will be unable to keep them in their proper positions while fastening them to your home’s framing.

Best Windows & Doors will provide you with professional advice, and we will also provide you with recommendations in terms of style and design so that you select the perfect windows for your home. We will always consider your requirements, so contact us today for all of your window replacement needs!