The proper installation of a door is a must because this is a point of entry, and safety needs to be prioritized. The right steps need to be taken to ensure your door performs as it should, and the following tips will help you install your door correctly:

Inspect Your Door Carefully Once It Is Installed

You have to complete a visual inspection, and this step needs to be conducted thoroughly with the installer. This will allow you to check on the quality of the work that was completed, so pay attention to all of the details and ask as many questions as you have.

Make Sure The Installation Includes The Interior Finish

Door trims have to be included in your installation, so make sure you specify this aspect when you are making your purchase. Having a new door that is lacking interior finish trims would be very frustrating, so make sure you avoid this pitfall by working with professional installers.

Make Sure Top Quality Sealant Is Used

Low-end installation products can result in faulty installations, so it is a must that top quality sealants are used because the sealing joints play a very big role in making your door airtight. Additionally, this will also ensure your door is waterproof, so this is one aspect that requires a lot of attention.

Open And Close Your Door A Few Times Before The Installer Leaves

You have to see whether or not your door operates easily and quietly, so open and close it several times to ensure there are no problems in this regard. If the door has been properly installed, it will be able to operate normally, and you should be able to open and close it effortlessly without hearing any odd sounds. If your standards have not been met, you need to discuss this with the installer before they leave.

Use A Level To Verify The Horizontal Alignment Of Your Door

Doors have to be level and square, and the height difference between both sill ends should be no more than 1/16 in. for an entry door. The right installation techniques will ensure proper functioning while avoiding long-term damage.

Take Accurate Measurements

While this may seem obvious, its importance must be emphasized, and this step must be followed carefully because it is crucial for proper door installation. Accurate measurements must be taken both inside and outside, and you must first measure both diagonals to verify that the opening is square, as this will ensure there is sufficient space between the frame and the opening. Next, you’ll have to measure the opening vertically at three different points, after which you must measure the opening horizontally at three different points as well.

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