Nowadays, energy-efficient fixtures are the way to go when it comes to saving you money on your home. They’re cheaper than ever and can even be a bonus to prospective buyers should you ever need to sell your house. One of the best of these fixtures is energy-efficient windows because not only do they look great and can add some real flavour to your home, but they also come with amazing advantages.

How much do you really save when it comes to these types of windows, though? When it comes to adding up the numbers, here are some things to keep in mind if you’re adding energy-efficient windows.

How Do They Work?

Surprisingly, energy-efficient windows aren’t a simple thing, they’re a collection of parts that, when combined, help create their energy-efficiency. Take frames, for example; vinyl or fibreglass frames are much better than the more traditional aluminum ones. Since they are poor heat conductors, they provide better insulation and save you money in those cold winter months.

Energy-efficient windows also have multiple panes compared to the usual one, which prevents you from losing heat or cool air. They use low-emissivity glass and typically have inert gases like argon or krypton between the panes. This helps reflect the sun’s rays and both reduce the summer heat and lessen heat loss in the winter.

Installing these energy-efficient windows the right way matters just as much as the materials. Make sure you hire professionals if you’re thinking of replacing your windows. If you’re in the Winnipeg area and looking for the best window and door installation, choose Best Windows & Doors Inc!

Additional benefits include reduced noise pollution and reduced sun damage to your home’s interior; even more of a reason to switch!

Now Those Are Savings

If you do decide to replace your windows with energy-efficient versions, you could save around $172 to $634 per year. Even if you have double-pane windows, you can still save by replacing them, although it will naturally be far less, somewhere around $37 to $151 a year. This can also vary depending on the climate you live in, with higher savings in the warmer parts of Canada versus the colder. Since energy-efficient windows are relatively cheap to install, at around $205 a window, you could start seeing savings even sooner.

In terms of the best type to buy, do your research! Whatever window you decide on should have an Energy Star rating. Depending on the province or city you live in, there could be additional benefits like rebates or incentives.

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