Canada experiences some pretty harsh winters, so having the right windows is very important because it will make a big difference, and will help keep you and your family warm and comfortable all season long. Old and poorly insulated windows will result in higher energy bills and will cause you to have to bundle up while you are indoors. These are things you definitely want to avoid and the right windows will ensure you are ready to face Canadian winters.

In order to select the best windows, you need to consider a few elements like the number of window panes and the frame, for example, as these factors will affect the insulation. If you want the best windows, you need to focus on the following features:

Multiple Panes
The more panes of glass a window has, the better it is because it will provide you with superior insulation when compared to single pane windows. The space between each pane of glass is filled with an inert gas and this enhances thermal performance while improving noise isolation, so look into double and triple glazed windows.

Argon And Krypton
These are the most commonly used gases in double and triple glazed windows. Argon is very popular because of its price point and exceptional performance.

Low-E Coating
Low emissivity helps keep spaces warmer during the winter months and cooler during the summer period and these coatings can be applied to one or both sides of window panes. Coatings are also available in various grades, so you will have options.

This is a very important aspect because the frame is a point of heat loss and not all frames are built the same. Different materials offer different thermal insulation and there are a number of options, including wood, aluminum and vinyl. Wood will provide the least amount of insulation while vinyl will provide the most. Frames can also be specified with insulating spacers and an insulating core if you are looking for maximum performance.

It is possible to measure the thermal performance of a window because there are performance parameters that can outline this aspect. These parameters can be found in a catalog or on a sticker pasted to the window and will include air leakage, energy rating, U-factor and whether or not it is solar heat gain coefficient. Windows that are designed for the winter season will have a specific label indicating that the window has been tested for its thermal performance and that it is suitable for the cold. This certification will set the window apart from those that are not designed for winters, so look for this label as it will prove that you can count on the window’s performance in cold climates.

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