Windows and doors need to be functional and efficient, and if that’s not the case, it may be time for a replacement. Certain signs will tell you when it’s time to change your windows, but many homeowners are unaware of these and ignore them because they assume it’s not important. This is a big mistake because failing to replace your windows can lead to a number of headaches, so it’s a task that needs to be done.

If you’re not sure whether or not it’s time to change your windows or doors, the following signs will indicate that it’s time for a replacement:

Damaged Glass

If you can see damaged glass, it’s time to replace your windows and doors. This is something that can happen over the years because of exposure to harsh winds, rain, hail, heat and snow. Twigs, rocks and even grass can hit your glass during a storm and your windows and doors may crack or warp as a result.

Difficulties with Opening or Closing Your Windows and Doors

These components should not be difficult to operate, so if you have trouble opening and closing them, it’s time to replace them. This would mean that the mechanisms are damaged, which would prevent you from using your windows and doors properly; this problem can also happen if your windows and doors were not properly installed in the first place.

Decaying Frames

Frames, too, can get damaged by the elements over time, and wood frames, in particular, will start to decay or rot if they are exposed to water, as this would result in the development of mould.


Curb appeal is very important, and your windows and doors will be the first things to get noticed. If these components are old or outdated, it will negatively impact the appearance of your overall home, so consider replacing them to elevate the look of your house.

Air Loss

If you ever feel drafts of air whenever you’re near your windows, it’s definitely time for a replacement, and the same is true if you hear the wind whistling or see light through gaps in the frames. These are very big warning signs, so pay attention to drafts and air loss.

High Energy Costs

If your energy bills are increasing every month, it’s a clear indication of a problem. Drafts will cause your furnace to work harder to heat your home, and this will result in higher energy bills, which is a problem you need to address. Newer windows are energy efficient and sealed, so you would not have to worry about air loss.

Condensation, moisture between the panes and excessive noise coming from the outside are also warning signs, and the experts at Best Windows & Doors will provide you with more information. We provide our clients with high-quality windows and doors and offer installation services as well, so if you are in the Winnipeg area, contact us today!